Medial Research Network

Case History 2 - Recruitment

Indication: Oncology

Country: United Kingdom
Sites: 6 sites in total / 5 used homecare
Number of Patients: 63
Total Number of Visits Conducted: Over 3,200 across 2 years


MRN’s Home Trial Support service was commissioned to support a complex oncology study requiring routine blood sampling for 63 patients across 6 sites in the UK including London, Midlands, Yorkshire and Scotland, every two weeks for 2 years with visits alternating between hospital, outpatient and home. 5 out of 6 sites utilized homecare. MRN trained 25 nurses to provide continual cover, including weekends and bank holidays.


• Sites that adopted Home Trial Support achieved average recruitment of 11 patients per site over an 18-month recruitment period. 
• The center that did not use home care recruited 7 patients over the same time period demonstrating in this case a 63% improvement in recruitment rates with home care.
• One patient dropped out due to pregnancy.


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